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Foundation RepairIf you are experiencing bowed basement walls or cracks in your basement wall which are causing water leaks our professionals have the solutions for you. Our team has over 20 years of on the job knowledge fixing bowed and cracked basement foundation walls in Central Ohio, Northern Kentucky, and Eastern Indiana.

When your basements foundation has cracks and is damaged it is important that you consult a professional foundation repair company to complete these repairs for you. Trying to fix cracks and bowed walls yourself can lead to more damage which can weaken the wall even more over time. Homeowners across Ohio, Northern Kentucky, and Eastern Indiana have contacted our experts at Stay Dry Waterproofing LLC. to help with all of their foundation repair needs.

Foundation Settlement Warning Signs

Homeowners need to be aware of foundation sinking and settling warning signs to prevent severe damage to their homes. Over time, foundations become less reliable and sturdy because of weather conditions, weak building materials, and inadequate labor techniques. If you notice foundation sinking and settling warning signs, contact a professional immediately. Foundation issues require immediate professional attention to determine a repair solution and prevent any further damage.

Sinking Foundation: The term, foundation settlement or sinking foundation, describes a building or house that has wholly or partially gradually sunken lower into the ground below the original placement. A sinking foundation can cause structural damage or collapsing foundation walls, which would make a home unlivable.

Basement or Crawl Space Moisture: Excess basement water or crawl space moisture can cause mold and mildew growth, musty smells, and sagging, uneven floors throughout the house. The water and moisture seep through foundation wall cracks and affect your entire home. Moisture or water in the lower level generally concludes there are cracks in the foundation walls or slab.

Warning signs include mold and mildew growth, musty smells, and sagging, uneven floors.

Crooked Windows and Doors: Over time, foundations settle, shift, or crack, and crooked windows and doors in your home are appropriate warning signs. Windows and doors in the lower and upper levels of the home will not completely shut or properly function. Additionally, drywall cracks can develop in the window corners and door frames. Foundation sinking and settling cause home structural damage, which affects the windows and doors.

Warning signs include crooked windows and doors, windows and doors not shutting, windows and doors not properly functioning, and drywall cracks in the corner of windows and doors.

Identifying Foundation Settlement

Uneven Floors: Foundation issues can arise because of shifting soil, improper bearing soil, humidity from water seepage, and inadequate foundation waterproofing. As the support system for the home, foundation sinking can create structural problems, including uneven or sagging floors. Joist, columns, or truss structures stabilize floors, but foundation issues make these systems less sturdy and reliable. Uneven and sagging floors generally occur because of foundation issues below your home.

Warning signs include warped, uneven, or sagging floors.

Cracked and Bowed Foundation Walls: Visible foundations in unfinished areas can expose cracks, buckling, and bowing walls. Surrounding the foundation, soil movement, hydrostatic pressure, and failed drainage systems can cause the foundation to sink and settle. These factors cause foundation walls to crack, buckle and bow under pressure.

Warning signs include cracks, buckling, and bowing foundation walls.

Cracked Bricks or Blocks: Apparent cracks in foundation bricks or blocks can conclude a foundation issue. Surrounding the foundation, soil movement, hydrostatic pressure, and failed drainage systems can cause the foundation to sink and settle. Noticeable cracks and damage in foundation bricks, blocks, and façade bricks are traced to foundation settlement issues and require immediate attention.

Warning signs include cracked foundation bricks, foundation blocks, façade bricks, and façade blocks.

Leaning or Cracked Chimney: Foundations are more prone to crack and settle because of poor exterior drainage or bearing soil, and this damage can cause cracks in the chimney or the chimney pulling away from the home. Foundation sinking and settling can create an unstable chimney because of structural damage throughout the entire home.

Warning signs include leaning or cracked chimney.

Pests or Insects: Finding pests or insects, including mice, centipedes, carpenter ants, and roaches, in wet basements or crawl spaces can declare foundation sinking or settling issues. Foundation cracks from settlement allow excess water and moisture to enter the lower level and are more prone to unwanted pests. The pests enter through the cracks and live in the wet basements.

Warning signs include pests or insects in the basement or crawl space.

Drywall Cracks: In a home, visible cracks in drywall can be a result of an unstable or settling foundation. The drywall cracks are because of structural damage from foundation issues. The cracks are most common in the corners of windows and doors and travel diagonally.

Warnings signs include drywall cracks.

Nail Pops: Foundation sinking or settling issues can cause nail pops in drywall. The home experiences structural damage which can affect larger portions such as walls and floors to the small details, including nail pops. Noticeable nail pops in the walls and ceilings can link back to foundation problems.

Warning signs include nail pops.

The various warning signs above are to keep homeowners aware of foundation sinking and settling issues. Foundation problems can cause expensive and extensive structural damage to your home. If any of these warning signs are in your home, call our professional team at Stay Dry Ohio to evaluate the situation and quickly develop a repair solution. We provide full basement waterproofing and foundation repair services to the Central Ohio, Northern Kentucky, and Eastern Indiana regions.

Bowed Basement Wall Repair

Whether you have a block or poured basement wall, the pressure of the soil outside of your home can cause them to lean or bow inward. We can fix virtually any issue that is causing your walls to bow and lean. Generally, the buildup of hydrostatic pressure or water pressure on the outside of your basement walls can cause cracks and bowing. Our team has a patented carbon fiber system we use to straighten and strengthen any bowed or leaning walls.

Cracked Basement Wall Repair

Many new homes have basements with poured concrete walls rather than concrete blocks. Both walls over time and with the buildup of hydrostatic pressure can develop cracks. However, the repair method for each type of crack is different. Stay Dry Waterproofing uses carbon fiber crack repair products. These products are both strong and cost effective.

Our Carbon Fiber Wall Support System

carbon fiber repair that is properly linked to the foundation and house framing comes with peace of mind that there will be no further damage. Carbon fiber crack repair, is a repair that not only stops water infiltration, but strengthens the foundation and prevents future cracks from developing. The repair is wide enough that it covers the main crack as well as any fractures or hairline cracks. This is important because what may be a hairline crack inside the basement is typically a much wider crack on the exterior.

For homeowners, a carbon fiber system offers several key benefits:

Carbon Fiber Strips

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